Torii Noodle Bar by Kanki

Crabtree Mall has never been my favorite place to dine.  The parking lot is always congested, and the choices are not that interesting.  Sometime over the past year, Kanki opened up a noodle bar right above their Japanese Steak House style restaurant called Torii.  I finally had the opportunity to check out their food and I was not disappointed.


The restaurant itself is small.  Only a handful of tables, a bar that seats 6 guests and a small outdoor dining area that I will definitely enjoy once the weather warms back up.  I was worried that this would make the restaurant noisy, but it wasn’t!  We sat at the bar where you can see the chefs cooking right behind it.  I loved watching as they grilled my food.


My lovely dining companion and I decided to try something a little different to drink.  It was a sparkling sake.  Neither of us had ever tried it before and we both really enjoyed it.  It was nice and dry with a good amount of carbonation.  Went very well with all of our food.


To start, we went with the waitress suggestion and ordered the tuna tartar tacos.  They used crispy fried wonton wrappers as shells and topped the tuna with avocado, pico de gallo and jalapeño crema.  Absolutely perfect!  The crispy shell with the delicate raw tuna and the silky crema just paired so well.  I’ve had cravings for these tacos every day since.


My meal companion ordered the seaweed salad.  I loved the martini glass presentation! It was a good sized portion of only $6.00 and was seasoned well with a good amount of sesame flavor.


She also ordered the Jalapeño appetizer.  For $5.95 you got two huge jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and spicy tuna, tempura battered and deep fried.  They had way too much cream cheese, but they were very tasty.


I ordered the Ika yaki ($9.95).  This was a large portion of squid that was grilled up and served with teriyaki sauce.  It was served with mayo topped with a spice mix.  It was good, but much better after I added in some sriracha sauce.  The texture was perfect, not too chewy.

Overall, I really enjoyed Torii.  They and a great assortment of noodle dishes that I’m very excited to try and a lot of interesting bento boxes.  I can’t wait to go back!



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