My sweet tooth is undeniable.  Occasionally, when terribly full after a meal, you will hear me softly mutter under my breath “I want (insert dessert item here).”  Recently, mostly due to it’s close proximity to my apartment, it has been yogurt but in all honesty, that is really not ever the first thing I really want.  Bittersweet is like a dream come true for me.

Overall:  4.5 out of 5

Food/Beverage: 4.5  out of 5

Ambiance:  4.5 out of 5

Value:  4 out of 5

Service:  5 out of 5

I have had the opportunity to visit Bittersweet on two occasions.  The first was on a Thursday night, ladies night out.  The place was pretty packed at 9:00pm, but we got a spot at a high top table, next to an unsuspecting new couple.  We drank, gabbed and played Cards Against Humanity much to their dismay.  It’s loud, the music is a spotify playlist called Singing In The Shower that plays some of your favorite 80s hits.  We had a great time singing and eating.  Our server was phenomenal, gave great Cards advice, food and drink pairings and was just enough of a hipster to make us feel like we were somewhere cool.

photo 12

That particular night, I shared an order of the Key Lime Parfait with one of the other ladies.  It had a great balance of tart and sweet, great crumbly crust and that delicious creamy sweet stuff throughout.  I believe it was about $8.  I ordered the bittersweet manhattan to go with it, which the waiter assured me would be fantastic! It was.

photo 2

The perfect manhattan, house made maraschino cherry…great balance with the rye bourbon.  It was bout $9 and worth every penny.

photo 1

I can’t remember the name of this drink, ordered by one of the other ladies.  She loved it!  It was chosen particularly to match the key lime pie, and she said it did compliment it very well.

My second visit was even more delightful than the first.  Again, girls night out.  This time, post sushi.  We walked from Glenwood South’s Sushi Blues to our favorite spot to end the night.  It was about a mile, took us 20 minutes which on this particular evening was just perfect! We walked by the Hilton, used to be the Clarion (round hotel), and decided that we’d stop by on our way home if time permitted it.  It did and that experience will be my next Dive bombing post.  The ambiance, again, at Bittersweet was very “cool kid.”  I don’t want to say hipster, because it’s not as snobby feeling as some places that I would consider to have a hipster vibe. Let’s just say it seemed as if every woman walking in had just come from an 80’s revival fashion show.  Parachute pants, rompers, grownup onsies lined the bar…heels with spikes, glitter and big shoulders crowded around us.  Somehow, all of these women looked perfectly comfortable in their crazy designer paisley pants.

photo 11

One of my companions mentioned the Rusty Nail ($9), and when I heard scotch I knew I would have to try it.  It’s a combination of scotch and Drambuie.  I had never heard of drambuie before but being a scotch fan, I gave it a try.  Turns out, drambuie is a combination of scotch, honey, herbs and spices.  It was a great drink.  They use big square ice cubes, not so big that it hits you in the face when you desperately try to steal the last sips from the bottom of your cup, but big enough that they melt slow and don’t water it down too much.

photo 3

With that drink, I paired the buttermilk pie topped with blueberry compote.  The flavors complimented each other well, with the richness of the buttermilk and the woody flavor of the scotch.

Jen's drink

I wish I could remember the name of this drink.  It was coffee infused liquor with bourbon and a sliver of lime.  The coffee flavor came as a bit of a surprise, but complimented the drink well.


With that she ordered, off the menu, a delicious chocolate zucchini cupcake with buttercream frosting.  How adorable, plated with a smile! And man! It was so moist and chocolaty.  The zucchini really played well with the other ingredients.

photo 13

Her last drink was the Irish Coffee, made with Jameson, coffee and whipped cream.  What a great cap off to the night.

photo 9

For my last drink, I picked a glass of bubbly.  It was a rose, as recommended by the waiter. It was nice and dry and at around $9/glass not too badly priced either.

Overall, both of my experiences at Bittersweet have left me wanting to go back.  I always end up staying later than I expect to and drinking just enough to leave with a quiet buzz.


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