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Brew is a coffee and beer bar located in the fantastic Seaboard Station.  Today was their very first day and I was lucky enough to have the day off so I could go over and give it a try.  Their website isn’t quite finished yet, but you can find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook…or just take the time to drive on out there and give it a try.

I didn’t do a formal “review” of this place, but I’d give it a good solid 4 stars as of right now.  It didn’t feel right to review it on it’s very first day.  Everything we ordered was delicious.

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Overall the design of the place is very cool.  Laid back, unpretentious, simple and clean.

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They have great lighting and a beautiful dark wood bar top.

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They offer a nice selection of coffee drinks and tea and SOON, they will also offer a few locally brewed beers.  At this point, they are still working on  the red tape surrounding selling alcohol.

photo 5

They offer pour over style coffee, which is my favorite method for brewing coffee.  It’s so much fun to watch the baristas make pour over coffee – it’s more like doing a science experience than making a simple cup of coffee.

photo 4

I ordered a latte and a biscotti.  As it turns out, the owner’s wife bakes their current selection of goods in house!  Watching her throw together the mix for the biscotti, I was so impressed.  She bakes her treats without spilling any flour.  And the baked items were so delicious.  Baking the muffins in house makes the place smell like a wonderful combination of coffee and sweets.  I want to live in there.  One can only hope that someday she will offer baking classes! And the latte was very tasty!  Not at all bitter, perfect temperature…beautiful design on top!  I really enjoyed it.

photo 2 copy

My companion and I shared a muffin.  It was moist, topped with a nice cripsy crunchy crumble and had a so much flavor.  I believe it was cranberry orange…delicious.

photo 3 copy

Clearly, we hated our meal!  I can’t wait to go back.  This is one of those places where, even on the first day, it seemed like everyone knew each other.  The owner greeted the guests by name as they came through the door.

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