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Raleigh’s beer scene has been growing steadily over the past few years.  We have seen the opening of Raleigh Brewing Company, Trophy, Crank Arm…just to name a few…each with their own specialty.  I’m happy to see these places popping up and each time there is a new one, I get giddy like a school girl and eagerly anticipate my first visit!  Because Clouds has only been open 2 weeks, I am not going to do a full review yet.  Their original brews won’t be ready for a few more months, so I guess I’ll just have to go back at that point and do the full review.

Their web address calls them Storm Clouds Brewing…I believe they had a name change, but I’m not certain why.  The location is great! Right in the heart of Glenwood South, close to 42nd St. Oyster bar.  From here, you can walk to just about any place in Raleigh.

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From the outside, the brewery looks a little like an old warehouse.  It has gorgeous, huge windows and great woodwork inside.

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The patio out back is very cool.  Plenty of trees, partially covered so you can sit out side rain or shine.

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Walking in, there is a huge bar with plenty of seating, lots of room and a few large TVs.  They have beers on tap, bottles and on the other side of the bar is my favorite feature…the beer wall!

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They offer 10 beers on the beer wall (one was out on this particular day), and have a delicious craft selection.

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To use the beer wall, you surrender your drivers license, they sign you up and give you an wrist band.  Throughout your visit, you scan your wrist band at the Clouds logo (located at the bottom of the tap), put your glass under the spout and fill it with as much beer as you’d like.  Each wrist band allows you to pour yourself up to 32 ounces.  After that, you have to re-up with your server.

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There is a little “learn how to pour” button that gives you visual prompts for how to use the tap.  This is important for us newbies!  Either way, you’re going to get too much head.  It’s ok, you only pay for what you poured in, so just let it settle and keep filling!

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I am a fast learner with the right motivation!  The Aviator Devil’s Tramping Ground was the perfect reinforcer for me.

photo 3

Tada! Time for a beer.

photo 5

They offer three different two menus for food – one is the regular menu with appetizers, sandwiches/wraps, salads and what I hear are INCREDIBLE burgers.  The other is the bar tastes menu.  We ordered off of both.  From the appetizers section, we got the fried calamari.  They were very tasty! The breading was light, perfectly crispy and went very well with the two sauces.  One was kind of a stepped up ranch and the other was a tomatillo sauce.  I liked mixing them together.

photo 4

We also ordered the soft pretzels with beer cheese dip and mustard.  Loved them both! The beer cheese dip was creamy and delicious.  We also ordered the cranberry brie, but by that point, I wasn’t really thinking pictures…really just beer.  The brie was wrapped in puff pastry and was delicious.

I can’t WAIT to go back!  There were so many more things that I was excited to try, so many things I wanted.  Mostly, I’m looking forward to their original brews.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back! And I’ll certainly let you know how it goes.



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