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It’s breakfast time, Ladies and Gents!

I think its fitting that my first recipe post is a breakfast dish, considering this is thought to be the MOST important meal of the day.  THIS is one of my favorite breakfast treats, Croissant French Toast.  Delicious, buttery croissants are a perfect vehicle to deliver such a delightful combination of flavors. Inside you will discover a sweet, creamy maple mascarpone cheese and strawberry filling.

This dish has proven to be perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch that will win you a massive amount of bonus points with your partner OR secure a second date if served as a morning after treat.

Let’s start at the beginning…what will you need to recreate this easy, yet extravagant meal that will leave them wanting more.


Here's what you'll need for this delightful treat!

Here’s what you’ll need for this delightful treat!

For the toast

3 Large eggs

1 tsp Vanilla

2 Croissants

1 shot of dark rum

1 tsp Cinnamon

1/4 c. Half and half

For the Filling

4 oz Mascarpone cheese                       2 Tbs. Maple syrup                             1/4 tsp Rum

Optional toppings

Strawberries                                            Powdered sugar                                  Maple syrup

Other items

Electric griddle                                       1 Medium bowl                                   Plate

6 Skewers

If you don’t have an electric griddle, you can use a griddle pan on the stove.

How to

Alright, let’s get started!

1. Begin by preheating your electric griddle to 325 F.

2. Cut your croissants in half, lengthwise.

3. Mix together the eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, shot of rum and half and half in your medium bowl and beat until combined.  You’ll know they are lightly beaten when bubbles have formed in the mix.

4. Dip your croissants in the mixture one at a time and allow to soak for about 30 seconds. Make sure to turn them and push them around to ensure they are COMPLETELY coated in the tasty mix.

5. Place the skewers lengthwise on a plate.  As you pull the croissants out of the egg mix, place them on the skewers and allow some of the egg to drain off of the croissant.  This will keep them from being soggy when cooked.

 draining the bread

6. Your griddle should now be heated! Melt about a tablespoon of butter on each side of the griddle.  Place your soaked bread on the griddle cut side down and allow to grill for 5 minutes.  Check for a golden brown color.

This is the color you are looking for

This is the color you are looking for.  Nice and toasty!

7. Flip the pieces over and cook them for 5 minutes on the other side, pressing down slightly on the edges to make sure they cook too.  Don’t press down too much, you don’t want to flatten your bread too much.

8. Remove from the griddle and place on a plate.

9. Mix together 4 oz of mascarpone cheese, 2 Tbs maple syrup and 1/4 tsp rum in a bowl until combined.

10. Pour some of the mascarpone cheese mixture over top of the bottom piece of bread.  Top with a few slices of berries and then put the top of the bread on – so that it looks like a sandwich.

You have the option of dusting with powdered sugar, maple syrup or both, which is what I do.  Serve with thick cut applewood smoked bacon (I bake mine in the oven heated to 375 for 15 to 17 minutes).

Ok, NOW I'm hungry...can't wait to make this again.  It was a huge success.

Ok, NOW I’m hungry…can’t wait to make this again. It was a huge success.

I think you will find this to be a meal no one can resist!

  • Jeffrey Frank
    February 17, 2014

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

    • Piper Bombshell
      February 17, 2014

      Let me know what you think when you make it! I’d love your feedback 🙂 Thanks for the comment

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