Deutsch Überraschung – At Guglhupf

Guglhupf Artisan Bakery, Restaurant and Cafe

What a charming little spot! Located in Durham, next door to their very own bakery, you will find this little gem of a german restaurant.  We made the journey from Creedmoor for a coworker’s baby shower luncheon.  We weren’t able to get a seat on the patio, they only take reservations during dinner, but the inside was very charming.

Overall: 3.25 out of 5

Food/Beverage:  3 out of 5

Ambiance: 4 out of 5

Value: 2.5 out of 5

Service: 3.5 out of 5

They offer several different menus – lunch, dinner, mid-afternoon, dinner, dessert, coffee and other drinks.  We went for lunch.  The menu consisted of Panini sandwiches, cold sandwiches, salads and small plates.  As a mostly pescatarian (completely when ordering at a new restaurant), I found the lunch menu very limited.  Fortunately, I was able to order the Turkey and Brie panini with no turkey.  It was topped with an apple chutney, served with a cold cucumber and yogurt salad, and was VERY good.  The cucumber salad was my favorite part of the meal.  The sandwich could have used a little bit more chutney, but overall it was good.  (The one I make with the pear chutney is better).  Unfortunately, it was also $8.50, which to me is WAY more than I would usually pay for a sandwich with cucumber salad.

photo 4


Most of the guests at the luncheon ordered this same sandwich, with or without turkey, and everyone enjoyed it.

photo 1


They offer sodas, lemonade, coffee beverages and some alcohol.  Being on the clock, sadly, we ordered the lemonade.  It was good.  Tasted less than fresh, but was nice and tart, not too sweet.  I believe it was over $3, too much to pay for lemonade.

The rest of the menu was pricey as well.  The sandwiches ranged from $7.50 to $12, salads were in about the same range.

photo 2

The interior was decorated with adorable lighting, the patio was complete with waterfall and had enough shade that people looked very comfortable.  I would have been thrilled to sit out on the patio with a drink and a tort.  Yes, we had carryout dessert and it was good too.  We ordered the fruit tart and the chocolate tart. I think they were about $8 each.  Again, a little over priced but for those, I was happy to pay it.  The crust was great, the fruit was fresh and the chocolate was melt in your mouth delicious.

Service wise, you have to go up to the counter and order your food.  They bring it to you when it’s prepared, which helps.  But the line to the counter is right by the door so you are basically standing next to someone eating while blocking people from coming into the restaurant.

photo 3

When it’s busy, it’s very uncomfortable and you feel a little rushed trying to make a decision.



They do have a fantastic selection of pastry and cookies.  Beautiful! Look at those beautiful palmiers.  They of course call them elephant ears, but I don’t care what they are called!  Flakey and amazing.

I would certainly go back for a drink and dessert.  I just can’t justify paying such high prices for a sandwich.


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