Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo

And it won’t be my last, either! The atmosphere at a food truck rodeo is thick with excitement. The lines of trucks, the different cuisines…it’s like the worlds biggest, most diverse tapas bar.  And this rodeo was no joke, either!


Over 50 food trucks, 11 city blocks (or 1/2 mile) of delicious all spread out, just waiting for us to feast.  And feast we did.

photo 13

As soon as that map came out, I started memorizing the route and planning my attack! I thought I’d go with my traditional start – dumplings – then work my way to some sort of taco…stopping periodically at the beer tents.  This year, there was a new dumpling kid in town and I have to say, these ladies can really make food!

photo 16

Two girls, one truck…that’s their motto! They were just as friendly as their food was fast and fresh.  We were second in line, so we had a chance to ask Sophia and Sunny some quick questions.  They started the truck just a few short months ago – this WAS their first rodeo.  What a great start.

photo 17

They offer dumplings, bulgogi sloppy joe’s made with Cheerwine and pho! We had the pork and veggie dumplings.  They were seasoned to absolute perfection! Steamed then fried crispy on one side.  Just as dumplings should be.  We were beside ourselves

photo 15

And you can feel free to draw on the truck while you wait!

For our first beer stop, we partook in a delicious Madbeach American Wheat, a summer beer from Aviator, seasoned with spices and orange.

photo 14

At $5/beer you can’t go wrong.  Very friendly guys running the stand too.

photo 10

And it paired very nicely with my next dish.  Taqueria El Azteca made the trek from Greensboro, NC and had several types of tacos that all sounded great.  But when I saw the ceviche on the menu, I couldn’t resist.  $9 for a large portion of delicious shrimp and crispy tortillas.

photo 11

Topped with slices of avocado, tomato and just the right amount of onion and cilantro, this ceviche beat out many other local restaurants for top billing as my new favorite ceviche.  IT was GREAT!!  Just the right amount of lime to balance out the spice from the jalapeños.

photo 4

Our last food stop was at Captain Poncho’s taco truck.  This truck had regular items and specials that included both beef and vegetarian tamales and unique tacos (including the delicious fish taco).

photo 5

I had never had a vegetarian tamale before, so I had to order it, even though the fish tacos looked and smelled amazing.  The tamale was so good! Filled with carrots, onion and tofu, they were well worth the $5 for both.

photo 6

One of my rodeo buddies ordered the fish taco.  It was so good.  Grilled talapia, tomatoes, cilantro and onions with a little avocado and a squirt of lime…so delicious.

photo 1

The final truck of the day was my favorite! The Parlor, an ice cream store from Durham, graced us with their presence.  I love their unique selection of flavors like salty carmel and strawberry pepper.  Being a traditionalist, I ordered the Salty Butter Carmel with whip cream.

photo 2

Sadly, they didn’t have the cherries on the truck.  No matter, the ice cream and whipped cream were a perfect topper to this delicious day.

Thank you, Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo! I can’t wait till your next event.  This one was a huge success.


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