Food Truck Rodeo – Durham Central Park

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon, albeit a little warm.  My neighbor and I headed out to Durham to check out their Food Truck Rodeo, the original food truck rodeo of the triangle.  Their rodeo is always from 12-4pm and offers about 40 different food trucks and two or three beer trucks.


photo 2

At the start, the crowd was a little smaller than the Raleigh rodeo brings in.  Overall,  it seemed a little more difficult to navigate.  The streets are a little more narrow, so when the people start piling in, you have to really push your way through.

photo 1

There were so many choices!  Wraps, Jamaican food, desserts, coffee cars and beer filled every square inch of the block.  There aren’t as many trucks that show up for the Durham Rodeo, one in particular is missing…my favorite dumpling truck, Dump Pho King Truck, was not present.

photo 3

The Italian Ice truck was nice enough to give out some free samples! I really enjoyed the rainbow…but I think the lemon was my favorite.  Very fresh and simple.  Perfect for this hot day.

photo 4

We started off at American Meltdown, a first time for us both.  The line seemed long, but really overall it didn’t take more than a few minutes to order.

photo 5

I purchased the fried brussels sprouts with an aioli dipping sauce.  They came out almost immediately and were hot and crispy.  Even my neighbor, a hater of the sprouts, enjoyed them.

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We also shared the Pigs-n-figs grilled cheese sandwich.  This was packed with speck (the fatty, prosciutto like portion of the pig), goat cheese and figs.  It was wonderful.  I can’t wait to try to replicate this sandwich.

Stop number two was, of course, at the Fullsteam beer cart.  They had a few selections on draft and a couple cans.  My neighbor ordered the summer basil (draft) and I purchased the cackalackie, a ginger pale ale.  Both were fantastic and refreshing.

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Food stop two was Sol Tacos.  The fullsteam guy was so adamant that we head over there for their tacos.  We were not disappointed.

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We shared two tacos.  One was the beer braised pulled pork topped with a jalapeño creme fresh, and corn. The other was a lightly fried flounder taco with pickled onions and lettuce. Both were $4 and both were fantastic.

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The Biker Bar, serving Bull City Brewery Beer, was our next stop.  We both ordered the dark honey wheat.  It was really good.

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The Durham rodeo also has live music, which the Raleigh rodeo doesn’t offer at this point. The band playing on the main stage was alright, not really my thing but good back ground music.  As we turned the corner to purchase our beer, we heard the delightful sounds of the Piedmont Regulators coming from an area near the bridge.  They were a great bluegrass band.  I can’t find their website, twitter or Facebook pages…but if you happen to hear they are playing somewhere, you should go!  They were high energy and very talented.

The parlour, my favorite ice cream spot, was there too!  But their line was outrageous and they were out of salty carmel so instead we decided to just walk on out to the actual store.  It’s located about 1/2 mile from the park.  I ended up ordering one scoop of the salty carmel and one scoop of Vietnamese Coffee topped with maple whipped cream and cherries.  It was delightful!  My neighbor ordered a chocolate malt that she quickly finished with a smile.

Overall, this day was very well spent.  If I had to choose between the Raleigh and Durham rodeos, for me it would depend on where Dump Pho King was serving. I think I like the atmosphere at the Raleigh rodeo a little bit better, but the music does add a nice vibe to the event.  It’s a tough call, Durham put on a great rodeo this weekend.  Thank you so much!


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