Sola Coffee Cafe

My lovely neighbor and I took a chance and drive a little further than per usual for our Saturday morning coffee.  Sola is in a stand alone building in the shopping center at the corner of Lead Mine and Sawmill.  It’s huge, far bigger than I expected, and has a drive up window that you can use in a hurry, but be sure to call ahead if you plan to use the window.

Overall:  2.8 out of 5

Food/Beverage:  3 out of 5

Ambiance:  3.5 out of 5

Value:  2.5 out of 5

Service: 2.5 out of 5

It was around 10:00 am when we arrived and the place was packed, not only inside but in the lot as well.  They were having a pop up market event in the parking lot, so it was filled with local artists, jewelry, shirts, and a gypsy caravan filled with clothes and shoes.

Ambiance wise, the place was cute.  It was a little loud, but that would be expected considering how full it was.

photo 1 copy

The counter area was nearly empty, and the specials board in the back ground had the sign “sold out” on both items listed.  I guess we were coming near the end of breakfast…so that should have been expected.

photo 2 copy

The decorations were cute, the tables were nice, overall the place looked how you would expect a coffee shop to look.  They offer outdoor seating as well, which we would have enjoyed if it hadn’t been a rainy morning.

photo 1

Food wise, and starting with the coffee, I was underwhelmed.  The latte was fine, good temperature, taste was nice, there was a little grit at the end but I drank the whole thing.

photo 2

So, I ordered something called the Dakota.  It was two pieces (or one piece cut in half) of Great Harvest grain bread with honey flavored goat cheese.  It was very very small.  The prices aren’t listed on the on line menu, but my total was about $9 for the three items I ordered.  I would guess the price of the latte was around $3.75, the donuts I ordered (below) were $2 for 1/2 dozen which would leave $3.25 for the dinky toast dish.  I really hope my math is wrong on that.  I would say it was about $1 worth of ingredients.  Taste wise, it was…fine.  I had asked if I could also order a fried egg on top, which I was told was not an option (the cashier next to mine kind of hissed that they don’t offer fried eggs anyway).  I asked what the egg options would be, and the cashier looked confused then kinda made an “I don’t know” face.  I said never mind, I’ll just take the dakota.  After they could see I was offended, the cashier stated that it would PROBABLY be an option, but the kitchen is so busy, he just didn’t want to make them do something like that.  Like make one egg.  For someone that is paying for it.  Right, totally understandable.  Don’t make the kitchen cook one egg, please.  I’ll just overpay for my tiny bread.

photo 3


The donuts were good, worth the $2.  May be even more, honestly.  They were warm, covered in sweet powdered sugar and nice and fluffy.

photo 4

My neighbor got this tiny egg sandwich.  It was an egg white with tomato, spinach and cheese on an english muffin.  It was $3.75, and not a terrible deal for the amount of food.  She enjoyed it and was full enough to make it to lunch after eating it.

Overall, I guess I was in a little bit of sticker shock, felt a little offended by the blow off style of cashiering, and was left feeling very hungry after my meager portions.  If I were to go back I’d go way earlier, because the specials sounded great, and hope to catch the cashiers (and myself) on a better day.  I would have rated them lower, but my neighbor (who ordered what was listed on the menu) had a fine exchange with her cashier (the one that hissed at me).  And her food really did look good.


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