Gonza Tacos Y Tequila

Well, I have now visited Gonza Tacos Y Tequila twice.  Both times, I went with high hopes. Both times I left wishing I could get a refund.  Having just recently moved to North Raleigh, I now find myself eating at places close by my apartment.  It’s a good change of pace, these new spots near by.  SO, my friend and I took a chance and gave it a second shot.  We arrived early enough to not have to wait – which I still can’t understand why they are so packed.


The atmosphere is nice! I love the old display of sugar skulls, along with the other paintings and the lighting as well.  They have great patio that can be covered and heated in the winter and open in the summer.  It’s great to sit out there and watch the snow fall with the heaters close by.  Oddly, though…the waiters will turn the heaters up and down at diners requests without consulting each other on what they had just done.  One waiter sat us at a table not too far from the heaters.  We made the statement that we were glad the heaters were up so high and thanked them.  When the next table was sat, they told their waiter that the heaters were too high, and he promptly adjusted the heat.  Over the course of our meal, the heaters were turned up and down 5 or 6 times.  The temperature would go from extremely cold to tolerable and back again.  Now we know to sit inside during the winter.


Alright, let’s talk about the food.  We were sat with chips and salsa.  The chips were fine, didn’t taste particularly homemade (cold) and required salt.  The salsa was very flavorful, however.  As usual, my friend and I ordered the guacamole.  It’s our taco dinner staple.  It was neon green, as you can see.  The flavor was fine, but required a lot of salt.  It could have certainly used a dash of lime too.


So, I ordered the ceviche, cause it’s my very favorite dish in the world.  The description said it was a combination of white fish, shrimp, orange juice, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, olives and plantains.  It was.  But it was more like a tomato soup than ceviche.  It was literally a big bowl of tomato broth – cold tomato broth – with some shrimp and fish in it.


I was NOT impressed.  And I believe it was something upwards of $9.


Alright, so the tacos.  I was so disappointed by the tacos.  First of all, you can only order them in a set of 3.  You can’t get one of each, it’s three of one or nothing at all.  So, my friend ordered the fish tacos and I ordered the pork belly and scallop tacos.  I can’t remember the price – I’m thinking they were around of $12 for an order of 3 very small tacos and a side.  My friend got the soup and I ordered the side salad.  The fish tacos were good! The sauce and toppings were nice.  And you can see the soup was huge!  It tasted nice, but after a taste or two, we were both tired from it.


The pork belly wasn’t crispy, nor did it have a lot of flavor.  The scallops were a very strange touch.  Again, the sauces were nice and the salad was pretty good.

Our server was very kind, and pretty attentive.  He checked on us a few times, brought us water often enough and I don’t think we had to wait much for missing items.  All of that being said, I don’t feel compelled to return.  Especially with the plethora of other options in my immediate vicinity.  If there is a dish you’ve eaten that you enjoy, please feel free to comment and give me a suggestion for what to order.  So far, I have been underwhelmed.  Maybe I should go back and try a non-taco option on the menu.  I do so enjoy the atmosphere and want to love this place.

  • maddie
    April 28, 2015

    That’s too bad. I’ve never been to the original one off Lead Mine, but frequent the one in WF and Durham. Their cocktails are top notch and I love their tacos. I do actually agree they should offer a mix or a la carte option. Their kids menu is terrible though. It’s the one tiny taco and rice for like $7. My nephew calls it a “squirrel taco” but I have never had a bad meal yet.

    • Piper Bombshell
      April 28, 2015

      I was very bummed. I wanted to like it, I really did. Their ceviche is laughable.

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