Blue Cheese Vinaigrette 

I’m not a fan of bottled dressings.  In most restaurants, I order vinegar and oil on the side. While there isn’t much better than balsamic vinegar tossed over some leafy greens, occasionally that gets a little mundane.  Here’s what I came up with to break the same old same old.



How to

This is so simple.  Grate the garlic into a bowl using a microplane.  Pour in your olive oil, vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, honey and whisk to combine.  Stir in your blue cheese.

photo 5

Grill your romaine for about 8 minutes, rotating every so often until the head is warm.  Place on a cutting board and cut the bottom core off of the head of romaine.  Place your romaine on a plate and top with bacon and tomatoes.  Pour your dressing over top and enjoy. I love this, grilled or not.  You can cook the lettuce as long as you’d like and the salad still comes out fantastic!

photo 2

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