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I’m slowly approaching the 1 year anniversary of starting this blog.  It’s come a long way since it’s conception.  The idea and name were thought up over sushi dinner with a lovely friend and as excited as we were, I never thought that I’d make it to the one year mark.

Over the past few months, I’ve had to slow down on writing original posts.  The holidays always cause a little bit of stress, my job isn’t super easy, but on top of that I had decided I was moving into a new apartment.  I spent the last few months searching for the perfect kitchen – one that is more functional – more counter and cabinet space, more natural light and updated appliances are not easy to find in one apartment kitchen.  BUT finally I found one that met all the criteria.  After weeks of preparation, I’ve finally made the leap!  I’m settling in nicely and finding my groovy spot near the stove.  For my first meal in the new place, I made bacon and tater tots – it was a LONG day of moving boxes and setting up shop.  Making something like this is a good way to test the temperature settings of the oven.  I know how to make bacon in the oven, I make tater tots about 5 times per week, the instructions are simple and work when followed every time.  They came out perfectly cooked which leads me to believe I will be able to transition to this oven almost seamlessly.

Now that I can see the light on the other side, I’m starting to think about what dish I should make to celebrate my one year anniversary.  Readers, I need your help! What do you make for yourself?  What is your favorite dish that you make when you are in the mood to show your stuff?

Thank you so much to those of you that have been reading my posts and those of you that continue to check in even when new things haven’t gone out.  I’m in a new neighborhood now and I’m looking forward to checking out all the culinary surprises that it has to offer me.  Please keep reading and submitting comments, questions and pictures of your favorite dishes.


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