Jubala Coffee

Layfayette Village is BOOMING right now with specialty shops that I can’t wait to try.  From artisan chocolates to wine and small plates, you can’t go wrong with this little gem of a shopping center.  Even Crafty has chosen this location for one of their beer shops.

Reading through the website, I was pleased with the mission statement of Andrew, the owner.  The story of his travels to South Africa where he befriended local villagers and his compassion for those struggling…it made me feel better about spending my money here instead of Starbucks, whose mission statement (until it became “cool” to be compassionate) seemed to be to make money selling the cheapest bottom of the barrel beans you can find.  Jubala sells locally roasted Counter Culture (Durham) coffee and offers That being said, go for the coffee, read the story, become a regular because of the strong community focused vibe.


I first visited Jubala about a year or two ago. I believe they were new at the time, and I had just been introduced to the pour over method of coffee brewing.  I had read on line that they offered this style, and at that time there weren’t many other places nearby that did.  I headed by on my way to work to experience their coffee craftsmanship.  I was pleased!  The coffee temperature was dead on, and the coffee chosen for me was perfectly balanced.

Today, however I wanted to try one of their breakfast treats…the delicious Liege – it’s a waffle, stuffed with ingredients and covered in pearl sugar so that the outside gets this crusty sweetness when you cook it, but the inside stays nice and doughy.


For $3.50, you can order a waffle stuffed with cinnamon, chocolate chips, banana, apple cinnamon, blueberry, coconut or candied walnuts.  You also have the option of adding toppings, which include fruit, nutella, big spoon peanut butter, or vanilla ice cream.  I went with cinnamon and chocolate chips.  Delicious.


The chocolate was smooth and creamy, but the outside was crisp.  I devoured it.  They had so many delicious sounding treats on the menu, including fresh steal cut oats, house made granola with greek yogurt and sweet biscuits with all types of amazing sweet and savory toppings.


My coffee was prepared nicely as well! And the price was right too at $3.49 for a 12 oz latte. Beautiful design on top, which is nice, but the best part was the espresso to milk ratio was perfect! And the temperature was great too.

The only issue with Jubala, and really it’s more of an issue for me at this very moment as I sit here typing…the place gets very crowded.  I’m now surrounded by bicyclers, church goers drenched in perfume and grabby children, all of whom feel the immediate need to reach for items on the shelf right above my head.  I chose the wrong seat.  Don’t sit by the door.

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