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I’m so grateful that one of my most frequent dinner companions will also jump in as sous-chef at a moments notice.  Not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I’m a pretty clumsy chef.  I have sliced open my finger tip, burnt all the hair off of my arm, and then of course today I gave myself 2nd degree burns forgetting to use a pot holder to pick up a metal basket off of the grill.

So, on this particularly beautiful Monday evening, I had to hand over the spatula and step back from all cooking activities that utilized my right hand, which is anything that requires coordination.   I apologize for the lack of pictures.  My hand was throbbing and sous-ie sous didn’t arrive until the fish was going on the grill.  He was a life saver as far as flipping the fish, taking it off, seasoning it, plating and prepping us to eat and I am very glad for that.

We made a variety of grilled items including potatoes and triggerfish.  If you haven’t had triggerfish, you should try it! They feed on scallops, so the meat is tender and sweet.  I really like it.

Ingredients For Grill

3/4 lb Triggerfish

4 Red potatoes

2 cloves Garlic


Olive Oil

1/4 inch piece Ginger

1 Orange


1 Lime

4 T Butter

Your first step of course should be lighting the grill. Once your grill is lit, cut your potatoes into chunks that are about 1/2 inch each, put them in a large pot, cover with salted water and boil until soft (20-25 mintues).  You want them almost completely cooked.  The time on the grill should be for crisping them up nice and brown.

photo 1

While your potatoes are cooking, put your fish in a Ziploc bag and squeeze the orange and lime into the bag with it.  Mince your garlic and toss it in.  Allow the fish to marinate in the fridge until 10 minutes before putting it on the grill.

After  the potatoes are boiled, drain them.  Make a tray out of tin foil (or use a grill basket if you would prefer) and place your potatoes and minced garlic on the foil.  Fold up the sides so that the oil doesn’t drain on the grill then pour olive oil on top.  Once your grill is ready, place the tin foil tray on the bottom rack of the grill and allow to cook for about 10 minutes.  Take your fish out of the fridge so that it can come to room temperature. Stir the potatoes around and cook a little longer then place on the top rack while you cook your fish.

photo 4

After you take the potatoes off the heat, put them in a bowl and immediately season them with salt and pepper.

Put your fish on a plate and sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides.  Place it on the grill and cook it for 4 minutes.  While it is cooking, place 1 T butter on each filet and allow it to melt.  Flip the fish, place a pat of butter on the other side and allow it to cook while the butter melts for another 4 minutes.  Do NOT move it prior to the 4 minute mark.

photo 5

That’s it! You are done! I served this with some kale chips (recipe to come).  Great, quick, simple Monday night dinner.


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