The Oak

From the owner of Taste comes another charming restaurant!  With a great patio and lovely decor inside, it isn’t difficult to find yourself comfortable sharing a meal here for any occasion.  This restaurant is located on Lake Boone Trial, near Bottle Revolution and Buffalo Brothers and has a half off bottles of wine night (Thursdays), so we decided to let them take care of us for another lovely ladies night!  And lovely it was! Perfect company, perfect weather, and a good bottle of wine…what could be better!

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Overall: 4.3 out of 5

Food/Beverage:  4 out of 5

Ambiance: 4.5 out of 5

Value: 4 out of 5

Service: 5 out of 5

The menu is good sized.  Not so big that you find yourself reading and reading, hoping to eliminate a few things so that the decision isn’t so difficult.  They offer appetizers/small plates that are big enough to share, interesting salads, regular sized meals and an extensive wine list.  Some of the dishes are the same as what you may find on the menu at Taste, however instead of small plate portions, they are offered as dinner sized plates.  The tuna is one such item.  I’d be more bothered by this if I didn’t LOVE the pistachio crusted tuna at Taste.  They do a great job of searing it well, rare, and the wasabi sauce is GREAT!  We wanted to try a few things, and save room for dessert, so we went with some of the items off of the appetizers menu.

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This delicious pile of love is the Sautéed Mushrooms with Crostini.  It was only $8 and the portion size was pretty large.  That sauce was so good I found myself attempting to sop it all up with my fingers after the bread and mushrooms were all gone.  Holy cow!  We devoured it.

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We also ordered the Bruschetta.  It was very good.  good amount of basil and feta and the balsamic drizzle was a great addition.  This dish was $9, a little over priced in my opinion.

To go with the bruschetta, we ordered a salad with oranges and artichoke hearts ($9).  It was giant.  Well dressed, good amount of ingredients.  We enjoyed it.

photo 2


For our half priced bottle of wine, my dining companion and I picked a bottle of Lunatic.  I think it was about $20 with the discount.  It’s a red blend, perfect for a lovely late spring night.  And it went well with the meal.

photo 5

The only disappointment of the evening was the dessert.  They only had one option on this occasion. If I hadn’t been reviewing the spot, I would have skipped it.  We went for it…and didn’t finish it.  It was a Lemon something or other, kind of custardy, kind of like a gelato…frozen in some places and not in others, and was too tart for my taste.  I think it was supposed to be frozen…not sure.  The fruit on top was tasty and went well with the rest of it.

Service wise, our waitress was FANTASTIC! Knowledgeable, timely, organized with the food and very friendly.  No complaints, even a little about the service.

I am certainly excited about another ladies night at The Oak! I think it’s worth another go round, especially once they work the kinks out on the dessert menu.

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