Linguine with Clams

I really like this dish! I’ve made it a thousand times with the canned stuff and decided it was time I went for it and gave the real thing a go! It was a huge success.  I use a combination of canned and fresh clams just for a little extra something.  Feel free to use all fresh and add in a little clam juice if you’d like to supplement.


The very first thing you do in this recipe is, of course, rinse off your fresh clams and set them aside.  Chop up 3 cloves of garlic, heat some olive oil and then toast up your garlic till its nice and golden brown.



photo 1


After it’s golden brown, remove the garlic and toss it in the trash.  Place your clams in shells in the oil and then pour the wine over top.  Bring to a boil and cook at a medium heat for just about 10 minutes, until they open.

photo 2

Lovely, aren’t they! Now take them out and set them aside.  Let the remaining broth simmer for a while and reduce, till you are left with just about 1/2 cup of liquid.  I think mine took about 10 minutes.  Pour that delicious liquid in a cup and set it aside.

At this point, you should start to cook whatever noodles you are using.

Pour in a little oil into the hot pan and chop up another 3 cloves of garlic.  Toss it in the hot oil then put your butter in there, juice of 1/2 lemon, red pepper flakes, some zest, salt and pepper to taste.  If you are using the canned clams, strain the liquid from the can into the pan too.  If you aren’t, put about 1/4 c. clam juice in there.

photo 3

Let it reduce for a few minutes then throw in your canned clams.  Let it cook for about 2 minutes.  Your noodles should be done by now so drain them, throw them in the pan, cover with some cheese and toss around until the cheese melts.

photo 4


Top with your fresh clams and enjoy! Seriously, this is outstanding.  I think you will really love this.  I also topped it with some fresh breadcrumbs I made a few weeks ago.  They added a nice, crunchy texture and a great sweetness.  The butter I used, by the way, was 4 T of butter that I threw in the food processor with 2 cloves of garlic and some lemon zest.  I  then set it in the fridge overnight.  Perfect touch!!!



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