Off of Hillsboro St., tucked in this little corner is what looks like just another warehouse, is an amazing restaurant called Neomonde.  The first thing you see when you walk up is this HUGE covered patio with plenty of seating and ceiling fans for when it gets too hot.  Inside  you will find both a restaurant and market place with a large menu and many items.  Be forewarned, its the kind of place where you order at the counter, so if you don’t know what you want you will most likely be confronted by impatience from the guests behind you in line.


The market is packed with Mediterranean items, including jams, snacks, sweets, pasta, pre-made food items and breads.  There is a huge selection of wine, some beers, sodas and more tea than I’ve seen in any market.


I was blown away by the selection of cheeses in the cold section.


They make their own pita bread in the store for use there as well as for sale.  It’s probably the best pita I’ve ever tasted.


Up to the counter we went to place our order.  I was a bit anxious while looking through all the choices of sides.  There were many salads, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, soups…so many choice.  I went with the kale salad with roasted beets and the stuffed grape leaves (vegetarian) to go with my half falafel pita sandwich.  I loved the falafel.  It was delicate, seasoned well and somehow not at all greasy, even though it’s fried.  It went perfectly with the sauce and veggies inside.  I loved the whole dish.  And for $3.50 without the sides and only a little over $6 with the sides, you can’t go wrong.


The half salad plate also came with dessert.  I picked the walnut baklava to end my meal.  The pastry was flaky, the inside was sweet but not overly sweet.  I enjoyed every last bite.


My dining partner ordered the half falafel sandwich along with the greek salad.  The dressing was nice and creamy and the selection of veggies on top was perfect.

Overall, I am so excited to go back and try the lamb kabobs and other delightful sounding items on the menu.

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