Nickelpoint Brewing

Well, folks…there’s another new brewery in Raleigh.  It’s located near Five Points (hence, the name…I think). While the location is good and it’s in close proximity to my apartment, I don’t know that I’ll be rushing back anytime soon.

We went on a Thursday evening, mostly because they had a food truck I was very interested in trying parked out front.  It was an asian fusion taco truck called AmigoSan.  How do you pass that up?


They were quick with the food, but seemed a little confused about their own menu.  The ordering system is kind of odd, and the menu on the board doesn’t quite match what’s on the ticket you fill in.  Aside from one mix up, they did a pretty good job of getting our order correct.  We ordered a variety of foods.  Below is the kale salad.  It was a side item, but was big enough to serve about 3 people.



It consisted of cheese, golden raisins, kale and meat (if you wanted it).  The dressing was good, and the flavors went very well together.


One of my dining companions ordered the nachos.  Here’s where things got dicy.  They offer several selections of topping choices, including the following:



On the side of the truck, it stated that you could have any of those flavor combinations served over top of tortilla chips, tater tots, or on either flour or corn tortillas (taco style).  She ordered the sombrero with chicken over top of tortilla chips.  A few minutes later, we were asked if we wanted flour or corn tortillas for the tacos.  My friend reiterated she wanted them as nachos…this confused our server.  They did bring the nachos, but they were missing the chicken.  We didn’t really notice right away, so my friend just kinda ate them.  She enjoyed it, but without the meat it wasn’t very filling.


We ordered two versions of the loaded tots – one amigosan and one thai thai again.  I really liked the one on the left (amigosan).  The kale went well with the tots.  The other was good too, but not quite as tasty.


I’m not exactly sure which tacos we ordered, because it’s been a while, but the ones we ordered were good.


I think I got the chicken thai thai again and the beef sombrero.  I preferred the thai taco, loved the peanut sauce.  The meats were cooked nicely and seasoned well.  Considering this was only their second full month serving, I think they are off to a great start.

On to the beer!


I ordered the flight, because I wanted to taste everything they had to offer.  Even though they advertise 8 beers on their website, they only had three that evening.  They were offering a blond, a porter and an IPA.  They were a solid good.  One of my dinner friends, who brews beer at home, stated that the porter tasted just like the one we made.  We weren’t overwhelmed, but the flavor was nice and it was certainly drinkable.


The exterior isn’t much to write home about, but inside is nicely decorated.  The parking lot serves as what they are calling their beer garden.  I was a little overwhelmed by the number of young young children that were brought there.  To each their own.  I’ll probably give it a few months before I try it again.  But I’ll certainly give it another shot once they’ve gotten settled in to themselves.

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