North High Brewing

Columbus is LOUSY with breweries. Everyone and their seventh brother is brewing beer. And while the atmosphere is fantastic, and the beer (so far) is tasty, I’d have to say there is a distinct lack of socks that makes me a little uncomfortable.  the Karate Kid and his buddies are huddled around the bar, sock free, head bands on, ready to cobra stance for the final beer.  They will slap fight to the finish for the hoppy glory of beer love.  The first brewery on my Columbus Ohio brewery stop was North High Brewing.  I have to warn you, I made the agreement to write this blog, edit free after our night of drinking.  I’ve taken out my contacts…so let’s see how this goes.

Overall:  4,1 out of 5

Beverage:  4.1 out of 5

Ambiance:   3 out of 5

Value: 4.5 out of 5

Service:  5 out of 5

I can’t actually read my rating scale or commute math right now.  But the beer here was great and I tasted every one of them.  Here’s my opinion


Our first beer were delicious.  One was something about the perfect something or other.  It was like a summer beer.  The description said something about mowing the law and having some grass and that it would go well with those two thins…it went well with all the things.  WE took our won pizza and together with the pizza and the beer, it was delicious.

photo 2

For our next beer, we had a flight .  The flight choices were 5, 8 to 10 beers together in a rough thin. That means either you could have 6 beers, 8 beers or 10 beers.  We let the bar keeper choose our beers, based on what he had already tasted.  he chose every beer we hadn’t already tasted.  this was a good choice.  He picked everything.

number 1 was the “hay bomb” heffewisen ale.  This was a seasonal summer beer that claimed to have hints of banana.  I didn’t taste the banana, but i enjoyed the flavor.

Number 2 on our beer flight was a shandy.  this was a wheat beer mixed with lemonade.  It tasted mostly like lemonade and then also a little like beer.  For a taste, i liked it but as a beer, i wouldn’t be thrilled.

Beer number three was “wildcard” english ale.  It was nitro, which means flat tasting, with a nice flavor of beerness.  I don’t know what else to say about tit, aside that from it tastes like beer and flat stuff.

The “queen maudite” beer stout was a lovely coffee chocolate flavored stout.  Even though nitro means flat, it was still delicious.

The amber ale was good.  Id’ get it again, and would have gotten it for a full glass if it wasn’t time to go after my fight.

the next number of beer was the London Gentleman. there are a lot of letters like ESB and ABV and IB.  i don’t remember but think i liked it.  it wasn’t offense.

Ok, so the OHIPA IPA was hoppy

and the Double IPA wasn’t as hoppy.  I’m done writing about beer now.

photo 10

Oh, yeah and ps…i love beer brewing.

photo 9

and the bartender let me xneek back and take pictures

photo 8

there was so much cool machinery.

photo 5

and the bartender laid on the bar of r us.  Yep. Brian was a great tender of all alcoholic beverages.  He changed music when we asked, ate of our pizza,and helped us choose beers.  Amazing.

I’d go back…tomorrow…especially if people had socks on.

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