North Star Cafe

Back in 2004, Columbus, Ohio was graced with the opening of a new restaurant.  Northstar opened up in the Short North and quickly became a chain that spread to a few of the suburbs of Columbus.  It’s easy to see why! Their clean, simple decor creates a comfortable environment for enjoying their fresh food.  They focus on sustainability not only in the food they serve but the clothes they wear and the actual buildings too.  The produce they use is locally grown, organic and artisan produced.

Overall:  4.6 out of 5

Food/Beverage:  4.5 out of 5

Ambiance:  5 out of 5

Value:  4.5 out of 5

Service: 4.5 out of 5

I have visited this establishment several times over the past 8 years since it opened.  They offer both indoor and outdoor seating.  On my most recent visit, I was able to sit on the newly renovated front porch at the Short North location.  It was gorgeous.  Huge umbrellas and plenty of space at even the two top tables.

photo 2

My favorite thing to order at Northstar is their veggie burger.  For $14, you get a side and the burger.  Back in the day, your only choice of side was the salad, but now they offer fries (sweet potato and regular), chips and salsa or the delicious simple salad.  The dressing is a champaign vinaigrette.  It’s light and fresh and goes very well with the mix of greens and homemade croutons.  The burger itself is made with beets, so it’s red in color, and tastes absolutely amazing.  It’s served with tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle and mustard.  Perfect!

photo 5

The Niman Ranch cheese burger is ground in house and made from brisket and chuck.  It is mouthwateringly juicy and topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle.  I have only had a tastier burger at a place called Umami Burger in LA.

photo 4


They have huge flatbread pizzas ($9 for a cheese) that can be easily split between two or three small children as well as other items on the kids menu that are sure to please any small fry.

photo 4 copy

On my last visit, I was also able to stop in for breakfast. What an amazingly delicious treat. I ordered the mushroom frittata that is hearth baked with three eggs, roasted mushrooms, sweet onions, gruyere cheese and served with rosemary roasted potatoes.  The biscuit on the side was fluffy and warm.

photo 3 copy

They also offer the cloud nine pancakes.  These are three ricotta pancakes that are served with bananas and real maple syrup.  They are outstanding! So fluffy and delicious.

photo 2 copy

They have a few delicious smoothies ($6) and fresh squeezed juices like the orange ($4.50) and the shooting star (orange/carrot).

photo 1

And the coffee is also very good.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the ginger ale.  They make it in house, from scratch.  It’s filled with ginger and mint flavor with a great amount of carbonation.  It is so good.

Sadly, that is all I have to write about Northstar.  I could eat here every day and never get sick of it.  They offer delicious burritos (my fav is the Thai burrito), veggie bowls, bakery items and a large selection of beer and wine.

Please, please go to Northstar Cafe.  If you don’t find something you like, I will be truly shocked.



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