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I am the kind of person, especially where food is concerned, that tends to get my hopes up about a new restaurant or type of cuisine.  More often than not, this ends in a review that isn’t all that great.  I had my hopes up when walking into Pho Pho Pho last Saturday night and I left thinking…MAN, they really lived up to all of them.

The website isn’t quite up and running yet, but you can at least get the general idea from the link.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter – and the menu is posted on Facebook! They are located in a spot that has been relatively unsuccessful for many, but my fingers are definitely crossed for them. The address is 510 Glenwood Ave – yes parking is horrific, especially on the weekends, but it’s worth it so get your butt out there and eat some Pho.


The menu isn’t huge, which I like.  Makes me feel like they took Gordon Ramsey’s feelings into consideration.  They have a few Pho options (beef, chicken, tofu), a few Banh Mi (crispy pork belly, meatball and grilled meat including chicken, steak or pork), some Com (rice dishes – chicken, short rib) and a few Bun (shrimp, lemongrass chicken and beef).  They can tell you which dishes are gluten free, and seem to understand that includes the use of soy sauce, and our waiter was enthusiastic about menu selections.  He had obviously tried the dishes and was able to give good feedback.


To start with, we ordered the scallop appetizer ($9).  It was served with oniko mushrooms, spicy mayo and pork belly.  Even though it was small, it was certainly worth the price.  The scallops were tender and sweet and the sauce had a great kick to it.  We also ordered the mango salad, but ate it too quickly for a picture.  It was also $9, was served in a huge bowl and was filled flavor.  The salad consisted of shrimp, pork belly, mango, crushed peanuts, cilantro and sweet fish sauce.  We loved every bite of this dish.



One of my dining buddies ordered the pork dumplings ($7).  They were cooked very well, and had a great amount of flavor.  The pork filling has a sweetness that is complimented by the flavor of the ponzu sauce.


We also ordered the summer rolls ($7).  You have a choice between pork or crab stick – we went with crab stick.  The peanut sauce was very good.  Smooth, spicy and a perfect sauce for these rolls.  The ingredients inside were crispy and delicious.


On to dinner course!  One diner at my table ordered the Pho Filet Mignon ($16).  The dish consisted of rare beef filet, beef balls, cilantro, onions and rice noodles.  The broth had a great flavor, and the beef was so tender and delicious.  She loved it! The dish was so large that she had enough to take home for a second meal.


The Banh Mi was ordered by another one of the diners at my table.  She ordered the grilled chicken option ($7) which was served with diakon, pickled carrots, scallion, jalapeño and a house made mayo.  She loved it! Ate every bite.  The bread was soft and the sandwich was stuffed full of ingredients.


The grilled chicken lemongrass Bun was ordered by another dinner buddy ($4).  For the price, I never would have expected such an amazing amount of food.  The chicken was cooked perfectly – tender and juicy – served with a great fish sauce.


The dish I ordered was Com with short ribs ($14).  It was very delicious.  Topped with a fried egg and scallions on a bed of rice with cucumber and cauliflower, marinated in kalbi seasoning, it was everything I would have hoped for.

We were so full by the end of the meal that we didn’t have room to try dessert.  They had a few options but they do change them pretty regularly so you will have to ask when you go.  And you WILL go.  The service, food and prices make it so worth it.  I’m so glad this spot opened.  And I hope that this time is the charm for that spot.




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