The grand opening of Quail Corners Creamery happened this past weekend.  While their website isn’t quite up to par just yet, their store is just lovely.


They are located next door to The Butcher’s Market on Falls of Neuse Rd.  http://www.thebutchersmarkets.com   (Quail Corners Shopping Center).  For their grand opening, they had a saxophone player outside filling the space with lovely renditions of some favorites and some I couldn’t quite pick out.

photo 1

They have a great little outdoor seating area that is perfectly situated, some tables shaded some not, and pretty comfortable.

When you walk in, you are greeted by the site of couches, booths, individual comfortable seats, a self-serve yogurt bar and ice creams made in house and outsourced from other local small creameries.

photo 2


We have plenty of yogurt stores in the Triangle, but we are lacking creameries that make delicious inventive ice cream flavors.  The Parlour in Durham is really the only other unique ice cream business but it’s a bit of a haul from me.

They had flavors such as Mascarpone strawberry with balsamic, creme brûlée, vanilla fleur de sel, and many others.  They make their own waffle cones, as any good store would, and also offer waffle bowls and cake cones.

We sampled each of the flavors listed above and they were amazing! I went with the creme brûlée in a waffle cone.  After ordering we ran into the owner/ice cream man outside and got to ask him a few questions.  They rotate their flavors, so they always have something new, and try to create flavors that you won’t find other places.  My friend ordered the chocolate coffee flavored ice cream, which was made elsewhere.  The owner mentioned that they will be creating their own coffee infused ice cream soon, which will be churned with a hint of chocolate, created by using chocolate covered coffee beans and steeping them in the milk.  Sounds AMAZING.  Another flavor I’m looking forward to trying is the blueberry crumble. There will be pieces of pie crust throughout the ice cream! Sounds amazing to me.

Overall, I’m looking forward to my next trip to Quail Corners Creamery.  Between the amazingly cool owner, relaxed atmosphere designed to make adults comfortable, and the delicious inventive flavors, I think it will be a great hit!


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