Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop

There is an amazing little meat market located on N. Gregson St. in Durham, NC called Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop.

It was opened by husband and wife team, Justin and Katie Meddis. The concept sprung from their mutual passion for making a difference in their community through their love of great quality food. They sell high quality, local, pasture raised meats and use sustainable local ingredients. What they sell is far superior to many other places in the triangle. I’ve visited a few times and have never been less than thrilled with what I’ve eaten.


The menu changes daily, and is posted on their website and Facebook page. Sometimes their updates are so enticing that I nearly just eat my phone. This particular piece of delight was slow roasted beef with veggies. The meat was so tender and sweet. This sandwich was so huge that it took me two meals to finish it.  And I was full after both meals .

This thing of beauty is a bourbon macaroon. The pastry was so crispy and delicate that the whole cookie melted in my mouth. I could have eaten 50 of them.


Look at those amazing looking chocolate tarts.


The almond cookies and ginger snaps are also no joke. You get a sense that the pastry chef really loves creating each and every item in the bakery case.

IMG_1339  IMG_1337

Rose’s also has shelves lined with products made by local artisans – and a fridge/freezer case too – complete with fresh pasta, ice cream and other delicious treats.  I tried some of the pasta made by Melina’s Fresh Pasta and though they were very tasty for frozen ravioli.

I topped it with Nello’s marinara sauce – very flavorful and nice and chunky!

Something amazing about Rose’s that you must know about is their meat case.  That thing is stocked FULL with any meat you may desire.  I was excited to see speck and house made sausages in there.  They also offer classes, including how to butcher a whole hog and sausage making.  I’ve been hoping that I could schedule a time to interview the lovely Josh and get some insight on how he creates such amazing sausages.  Maybe some day!

Take some advice from me and get yourself to Rose’s.  Whether you are buying their pre made meals or taking something home to cook, you will be thrilled with their selection, hospitality and amazingly fresh foods.

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