Holiday Inn Raleigh Skye Tower Restaurant

Ever since I moved to Raleigh, I’ve been intrigued by the round building that you just can’t miss as you drive through.  Finally, one day last week, I was able to enjoy a lovely evening there.


Overall:  2.9 out of 5

Food/Beverage: 2  out of 5

Ambiance:  4 out of 5

Value:  2 out of 5

Service:  3.5 out of 5

Oh my LORD! What a dive.  What a lovely, dated place to enjoy the view of downtown Raleigh.  Try not to let the number scare you.  It’s certainly worth a trip, for the sake of the experience.  I just don’t think it’s a place I’d EVER eat.

The Skye Tower Restaurant is located at the top of what was once the Clarion Hotel (Now the Holiday Inn Raleigh).

photo 10

It’s quite lovely, as you approach.  Lit by green lights, standing out amongst the other buildings on the main drag of downtown.  Take the elevator up to the top floor to enjoy a view of the city.  The old bar area was closed and turned into a banquet room and is no longer an option for a drink.  But there were plenty of tables and we had our pick.

photo 4

The restaurant looks like it hasn’t been touched my a decorator in DECADES.  Awful carpet, tacky chandeliers, old cushioned chairs…just completely out of date.

photo 7

They have a limited beer and wine menu, but I was able to find one I could drink.  It was a Cabernet of some sort, Penfolds may be, for about $7.50.

photo 8

One of my companions for this adventure ordered an orange vodka and soda, while the other opted out of this charming final round.  I scored this part so low due to the underwhelming options.  I really expected to find one pinot noir, that’s pretty standard on a wine menu, but alas there was none.

Our waiter was just fine.  Considering all we ordered was drinks, I’m pretty sure he was taking his time to match the tip he expected.  There was a long period of time during which he stood in the kitchen chatting.  In his defense, the dining room was nearly empty so he probably took the liberty of taking a load off.

photo 6

Overall I HIGLHY recommend stopping by for a night cap.  I had a blast back in time at the Skye Tower restaurant and can’t WAIT for my next lazy stroll through down town that ends up there.  Sadly, for a place I’d certainly consider a dive…the prices were very high.  I guess that should be expected at a hotel bar.

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