Papa Murphy’s Take n Bake Pizza

So, yesterday was a long day. Work was hard. Commute was long. My meeting went longer than expected. By the time 5:00 hit, I was ready to be done. But, I didn’t want fast food. I wanted to smell food cooking in my kitchen.

So what is the fix for this?



If you’ve never heard of Papa Murphy’s, you probably just woke up from a long coma or have been living in a cave or something. These places are everywhere. You go in, pick your crust, sauce and toppings then they wrap it up for transport. Once home, you just pop it in your oven and 10 minutes later, it’s ready to go.

Crust schooled include gluten free , while wheat and regular; thin crust, original, pan and stuffed (two layers of crust with ingredients inside). You have your choice of sauces including traditional tomato, delight (sweeter tomato based) and creamy garlic. They have a great array of toppings too! They also sell cookie dough (it’s great) and a s’mores pizza.

All in all, it’s a quick way to have your house smell like cooking. The cost, though…my family sized thin crust pizza with three toppings was $17. For that cost, I’d rather have a hot pizza delivered. It was a neat experience, and I’d order again with a coupon.

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