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I’ve been to, and blogged about, several sushi joints in and around the triangle. Because it is  one of my very favorite things to eat, I splurge on sushi at least one night a week. Since moving to North Raleigh, I have slowly started making the transition to being a regular at Tokyo House.  It’s such a warm and friendly environment and with the punch card, you can work your way up to a $25 discount (after $25 punches).

They are conveniently located in Celebration Shopping Center on Six Forks Rd. near the Lincoln bottle shop.


There is ample seating at the bar, so cozy up and get ready to be impressed not only by the food, but by the hospitality and service as well. After your first visit, you will feel like family nestled amongst all of the other regulars there.  I go at least once per week – sometimes I eat there at the bar, sometimes I take it to go and eat it at home or next-door at the bottle shop with a delicious beer.


I’ve been working my way through the menu at Tokyo House from appetizers to specialty rolls.  It’s a large menu offering some Thai dishes as well as Hibachi and sushi.  This dish, pictures above, is called Takoyaki.  It’s $7.00 for the dish, which was rather heavy.  It’s diced octopus with wheat flour batter that is cooked and topped with bonito flakes, Japanese mayo and vegetable dipping sauce.  I thought it was very doughy, but the flavor was very nice.  The sauces on top were delicious.


My favorite so far on the appetizer menu is the Ika Butter ($8.00).  It’s a broiled squid with a special butter sauce.  I loved the flavor and texture of the squid and will certainly be eating this again.


I took a chance and ordered the salmon cheek special ($5.00) on Friday night.  While the flavor of the sauce was one of my favorite sauces, I wasn’t thrilled about the salmon cheek itself because of the amount of bones I picked out of it.  The cook on it was perfect, and like I said that miso glaze was sweet and sticky and went perfectly with the fish.


I can’t say enough about their amazing sushi.  The fish is always fresh, and the rolls are so inventive.  The specialty rolls are price ranged from $8.50 to $14.00.  These two pictures above ante the Ernie and Jerry roll and the Scary Jerry roll.  They are both spicy and presented beautifully with fresh fish and spicy mayo on top.  I love the crunch in the Ernie and Jerry roll that comes from the asparagus, but the scary Jerry topping is so unique.  The fish is chunked and mixed with spicy mayo.  I also love the Holy Moly roll with it’s fresh scallops.  And their sashimi is always fresh.  Pictured above is the fatty salmon – my very favorite.


If you’ve had sushi in the triangle area, you’ve probably seen a roll named for one or both of these two men.  You are pretty likely to run into them if you sit at the sushi bar on just about any night.  We’ve had a few great meals seated near them and are always thrilled to see them!


I was so inspired by Ernie and Jerry’s rolls, that I asked for my own roll! It was named the Exotic Bombshell roll and was absolutely amazing.

They have a few desert options on the menu, beer, wine and some very interesting sake as well.

If you are looking for amazing service and sushi in Raleigh, you MUST go to Tokyo House. I feel so welcome there that it’s almost like being at home.


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