Vinos Finos Y Picadas

Vinos Finos Y Picadas

Lafayette Village in North Raleigh is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop and dine.  It’s adorable, has a great variety of shops and is in very close proximity to the place I will be moving at the end of the month.  They have a weekly wine special, 50% off bottles of wine with purchase of food.


And if you check in on yelp, you get $5 off your tapas purchase.  We began our meal with a bottle of wine.  It was a Garnecha called El Burro Kickass Garnecha from Murcia, Spain.  It sells in stores for about $12.  It was fuller than a pinot noir and paired very well with our dishes.


The first dish we ordered was the crostini with spanish goat cheese, arugula and roasted tomatoes.  It was really good! The bread was crusty and soft and the combination of the peppery arugula and soft creamy goat cheese was perfect. ($7 with out prosciutto or $9 with).


As pleased as we were with the crostini, we were beside ourselves when the empanadas came out.  We ordered three for $10 and went with two duck confit and sweet potato and one beef and corn.  The pastry was made in house and was so fresh and flaky.  The duck and potato was my favorite.  The beef was well seasoned, but that duck was so tender and matched with the sweetness of the sweet potato like a dream.


We decided to just keep ordering food.  Next on the list was grilled herb marinated shrimp with Peruvian yellow pepper sauce ($9). It came with 6 very large, sweet shrimp that were cooked just to the point where they get that perfect texture and maintain their sweetness.  At this point, we ordered a second bottle of wine.  It was a Malbec from La Rioja, Argentina by San Huberto Reserva.  Retail price is around $25.


We couldn’t resist ordering the bacon wrapped dates ($5).  They use large medjool dates.  These are my favorite dates for bacon wrapping, because the sweetness goes so well with the saltiness of the bacon.  These were good, but I was a little disappointed because when I make them at home, I stuff them with goat cheese.  These were not stuffed with goat cheese.  Again, they were good, but because I am used to the extra texture on the inside, I was a little bummed and missed it.


For what we thought was going to be our final dish, we ordered the cheese plate ($13).  The House Cheese Board comes with three different types of cheese – a manchego, something called cambenzola and a third that i can’t remember right now – bread and jam.  The bread was the most deliciously soft and luxurious that I’ve ever had! Oh my gosh, we couldn’t get enough.

It was at this point in the evening that we asked the waiter what the options for dessert were.  Not that we were interested, but just curious.  Sadly, he mentioned tiramisu.


We went for it.  And I’ve never been more glad to have stuffed dessert on top of an entire kitchen worth of food in my life.  The coco powder on top had a bit of a spicy kick to it, but when I asked they said they didn’t use cayenne pepper.  Who knows, I tasted some sort of kick and loved it.

The entire meal was decadent and well put together.  From the first plate to the final one, we enjoyed every morsel of food.  I can’t wait to go back on a Thursday for the 1/2 price bottles of wine and to be close enough that I can practically walk there.

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