White Duck Taco

It’s conference time! And this year I was fortunate enough to get to come to Asheville, NC.  I’ve been wanting to visit here for a long time – mostly because from what I’ve heard and read the food offerings are not to be missed.  I took suggestions from many friends and spent most of day 1 seeing if their recommendations lived up to the hype.  So far, so good.


White Duck Taco Shop has two locations in Asheville and one in South Carolina.  If you are anywhere near one of them PLEASE go immediately.  The food was great!  We ordered the chips and salsa trio to start with. No, they don’t come with the food but they were affordable.


The three salsas served with the chips were all very different.  None of the salsas were very spicy, but they had a lot of flavor.  I enjoyed the smoky flavor of the red salsa and the flavor in the verde.  The one in the middle didn’t have very much flavor, though.  BUT two outta three ain’t bad, as they say.


My lunch buddy and I both ordered this amazingly creative Bangkok shrimp taco.  It had a home made pickle topping with both pickled cucumbers and carrots.  The shrimp were fried to a delightfully crispy doneness.  The sauce was sweet and tied all of the ingredients together very well.


Because I often suffer from eyes-bigger-than-belly syndrome, I ordered two other tacos.  The Lamb Gyro taco (left) was topped with feta, tomatoes and cucumbers and had a delicious tzatziki sauce on top.  The lamb was so perfectly seasoned.  The final taco on my plate was the fish taco.  It was very traditional topped with a cabbage slaw and pico de gallo.  The fish was crispy but not fried which made the whole thing even more amazing.


My pregnant co-worker also ordered two additional tacos (but being pregnant it didn’t seem quite as disturbing for her to do so).  She had the thai chicken taco and the black bean taco.  I didn’t taste them so I can’t say for sure but they must have been amazing because she also cleaned her plate while making yummy noises.  The air around her was thick with the delicious smell of thai peanut sauce.  I nearly reached across and ate it right out of her hands.

Our bill overall was $25, which for six tacos and chips and salsa I’d say that’s pretty good.  The tacos were all around $4 each and were STUFFED with ingredients.  I would have been full after just two tacos had I used better judgment.  I’m glad I went for it, because it’s not like I will be back in Asheville any time soon.  They also offer a few beers, wine and margaritas.

As I said before, if you are in Asheville (or South Carolina) make the trip and eat at White Duck Taco.


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