NoFo At The Pig

Located in Raleigh’s fantastic Five Points in a building that used to house a Piggly Wiggly, is cute little food spot and market.  I have visited the restaurant for breakfast/brunch twice now but never for any other type of meal.  Their business focus is on shopping local and eating locally sourced food.  So, if you are looking for fine southern fare and Raleigh memorabilia, this is the place to find it.  The interior is cute and quiet, but more importantly, they offer outdoor seating under an awning with fans.  It’s a great spot to eat and a fun place to shop.


Overall:  4.4 out of 5

Food/Beverage: 4  out of 5

Ambiance:  4.5 out of 5

Value:  4 out of 5

Service:  5 out of 5

Going with the local theme of the market, the restaurant serves southern style cooking.  The brunch menu has a great variety of dishes, that are unlike what you will find elsewhere.  And on Saturdays, bloody mary’s are only $5 each.

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Speaking of which, my brunch buddy and I both ordered one of those delicious bloody mary’s.  Man, they were good! Nice and spicy, topped with an olive and cherry tomato with a lime and pickled green bean in it.  The tomato flavor in the drink is nice and light, so you don’t think you are drinking a glass of tomato soup.

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For my breakfast, I went with the Fried Green Tomatoes Benedict ($12).  They came with country ham, pimento cheese, poached eggs, biscuits and a tomato relish.  While I did miss hollandaise sauce that is traditionally on eggs benedict, I was quickly comforted by the creamy pimento cheese and the perfectly poached eggs.  The fried green tomato was cooked well, not over fried, and paired very well with the other ingredients.  I was a little skeptical about the country ham, but it was sliced so thin and wasn’t overly salty. My intention was to take a few bites with the ham, to get the idea of how the chef intended it to taste, then take it off but I ended up liking it so much that I ate nearly all of it.

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My companion ordered the pulled pork hash ($13).  This dish included two delicious biscuits, pulled pork shoulder, bell peppers, potatoes and red onions.  The pork had a great vinegar flavor and went very well with the yolk from the eggs.


The chef at NoFo poached the eggs to absolute perfection!  The whites were firm, the yolks runny and on top of that, they LOOKED clean, and spherical.  What an impressive job.

photo 1 copy 2

We were lucky enough to sit on the patio on this beautiful 70 degree Saturday morning.  We got a table in the sun, and were able to enjoy the beautiful view of Five Points.  Our waitress was fantastic! She was quick with water, coffee and enthusiastic about the menu items.  Considering also that she was responsible for the entire patio, hostessing, bussing, taking orders, serving food, we were even more impressed with not only the speed that she brought our food to us, but her great attitude throughout service.

I am very excited about the prospect of going back to NoFo.  Their lunch menu sounds great, and the prices are pretty reasonable.  If you are in the area, give it a chance. I think you’ll be pleased.

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