Local Lady Ashley Christensen has just exploded over the past year or so.  In her 7 restaurants in Raleigh, she does everything from fine dining to chicken and waffles.  At Chuck’s, she serves burgers…of course.


Her burgers are made from house ground 100% chuck burgers that are grilled on a flat top.  I love a good burger, and am always looking for one that stands up to the Umami burger I once had in L.A – but alas, the search is still on.


I ordered the Bradley Time ($10.50 w/fries), which had roasted beets, Wisconsin buttermilk blue cheese, red onions, endive and Banyul’s aioli.  The beets and blue cheese were a great addition to the burger, but I was a little surprised by the overall size of the patty.  From the pictures on the website, I expected it to be much thicker than it actually was.   While the meat was nicely peppered, the flavor of the beef was underwhelming due to the thin patty.  And my patty was unevenly cooked.  I ordered it medium rare – which about 1/2 of the patty was cooked to.  The other half was more like a medium.  I don’t know how that happens.

The fries were hand cut Belgian fries served with your choice of two sauces – I went with the “comeback sauce” (which is a horseradish sriracha mayo) and the garlic aioli (pretty straight forward).  My dining partner ordered the Espelette aioli and the buttermilk herb dressing.  I really enjoyed the garlic aioli that accompanied my fries, but thought the other sauces needed a little something more.  The buttermilk herb dressing was very flavorful, but didn’t stay on the fries well, because it was so thin.  And I would have liked a bit more salt on the fries overall.

Chuck’s serves beer, wine, sodas, lemonade and delicious sounding milk shakes.  I can’t have a milkshake for dessert, but almost gave it a shot because of how interesting the combination of ingredients in the shakes sounded.

While I did really enjoy my burger, I went in with the idea that this would be THE best burger in Raleigh.  I didn’t find it to be the best.  Go to Chucks, try the burgers, but don’t go thinking you’ll be completely floored.  If you want to be floored by an AC restaurant, I’d still say GO to Poole’s Diner.

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