Day two of our business trip, we had lunch on our own.  That morning, on my 6 mile run, I passed by this little shopping center with a sign out front that said “Restaurants.” I had found this one mile loop that I just kept running around and around so by the end of my run I was craving Thai food something fierce.  Lunch time! Off we went.


Overall: 3.6 out of 5

Food/Beverage:  4 out of 5

Ambiance: 2.5 out of 5

Value: 4 out of 5

Service: 4 out of 5

You should know, this review is based on the very few items we ate.  We really enjoyed what we had and were bummed that we weren’t more hungry.

The interior is green and sparkly, complete with a tiki bar. There are fish tanks throughout that were pretty clean, considering.

photo 6 copy

First, we ordered the Thai Iced Tea ($2).  Great price for the size too.

photo 1

It was great, and the presentation was really cute too.  The tea was not too sweet, and not too dry and had a good amount of cream.

We both ordered the Fresh Roll ($4.75).  This was two huge rolls stuffed with tofu, carrots, cucumber, rice noodles and mint, served with a sweet and sour peanut sauce.

photo 2

They had a great amount of spice and were cooked very well.  Again, presentation was super cute.

The final course we ordered was the sticky rice with mango ($4.95).  It was topped with coconut sauce.  The mango was deliciously fresh.  This was so good!  We asked why the rice was green to which our waitress responded “Sticky rice” as though that explained it.



photo 3


Otherwise, our service was great! Waitress was attentive and quick with our food.  And for the money, we were stuffed.  I would most definitely go back again to try more of their options.

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