Farina Neighborhood Italian

From the mind of owner/chef Nunzio Scordo comes another restaurant gem in Lafayette Village, Raleigh.  Right across from Driftwood Southern Kitchen sits Farina Neighborhood Italian – a warm and inviting rustic Italian restaurant.



I’ve been in blog hibernation for the past few months due to some food related health issues I’ve been attempting to sort out but my meal at Farina made me feel as though it was spring again.  I’m inspired by chef Nunzio’s food.  His menus are creative and thought provoking and I just can’t wait to try everything on them. Farina’s menu has a combination of appetizers, salads, pizzas, pastas and other main course meals with of course a few items on the dessert menu if you have room.



We started with the grilled Spanish octopus ($10.50) resting on some boiled potatoes, topped with an olive oil and lemon sauce, fresh parsley and hot peppers.  The dish is served cold and has such an amazing lemony flavor.  The octopus was grilled with so much skill.



This glorious dish was the baked goat cheese ($9) with honey, pistachio and strawberry jam served with crostini.  I loved the crunchy of the pistachio with the creamy cheese and sweet jam.  Such a well thought out flavor profile.



Of course, we ordered the bread and butter when we saw it was from Night Kitchen in Raleigh.  I believe it was $2 for the loaf, which was warm and soft with a perfectly crispy outside.  Such a great compliment to both the left over sauce on the octopus dish and the goat cheese.



Even though I was starting to get full, I knew I had to try one of their pasta dishes.  This is the Lemon Cheese ravioli ($19) with fresh NC crab and heirloom tomatoes.  The ravioli from Melina’s fresh pasta – you can find them at some of the farmers markets around the triangle area or at some specialty shops.  Wow, the sauce was so creamy and lemony.  And combined with the delicate pasta and crab, it just floored me.


They have some drink specials – half priced wine on Wednesdays for one, so make sure you check them out.  The wine list was pretty great! I had a wonderful super tuscan that went well with everything I ate.  They also have a brunch buffet on Sundays that sounds incredible, so be sure to go for that.

Chef Nunzio, if you ever want to teach this bombshell your tricks, I’d be honored.  Your food is some of the best in the triangle.  Thank you for a wonderful evening and a delicious meal.





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