Mura North Hills

Mura is located in Raleigh’s North Hills shopping center.  It isn’t my favorite spot for sushi, but they offer 1/2 off wine and buy one get one half off sushi rolls on Sundays. That, paired with their amazing patio and the beautiful weather we were having sold me on the spot.  The sushi is good, the rolls are interesting, it’s worth a visit.

Overall:  3.7 out of 5

Food/Beverage:  3.5 out of 5

Ambiance: 3.8  out of 5

Value: 3.5  out of 5

Service: 4 out of 5

They have recently changed their menu – taken a few of the rolls that aren’t as popular off and added in a few new ones.  The other thing I like about Mura is that they are very flexible with the roll ingredients.  They are happy to sub something in, or take something out.  Finding this out changed my opinion of their rolls a bit, because most have spicy tuna (the chopped tuna mixed with spicy mayo) inside of them.  I am not a fan of spicy tuna. The texture is just mushy and tasteless to me.  We subbed in yellowfin tuna to the rolls we ordered that had spicy tuna in them.  It was a hit.

photo 2

As I mentioned it was 1/2 price glasses of wine night.  They have plenty of choices on the menu, and will bring you a small taste if you need to try before you buy.  I had a lovely Pinot Noir.

photo 1

They have a large enough portion of edamame ($5), big enough to share, with plenty of salt.  Ours were steamed perfectly and tasted great!

photo 5

I love the presentation of their rolls.  Our first two were the Wolfpack roll (shrimp tempura, yellowtail, avocado inside topped with seared scallops, spicy mayo and red tobiko for $15).

photo 3

This is my favorite of all their rolls.  I love the texture of the scallops on top of the roll.

photo 4

The other roll, the Volcano roll, has crab, avocado and spicy tuna inside and horseradish wine sauce over big eye tuna and green tobiko on top.  We ordered it with the spicy tuna, before we knew that substitutions were allowed.  It was ok.  I loved the stuff on top, but was disappointed by the mushy spicy tuna inside.

photo 4 copy

The next of our roll-stravaganza was the Tokyo roll.  This one was supposed to have spicy tuna, cucumber, jalapeño on the inside (we subbed in yellowfin tuna) and big eye tuna, salmon and white tuna on top covered in spicy mayo and topped with capers ($15).  I really enjoyed this. And I like how they make the number of rolls with each type of fish even – makes it easier to share.

photo 1 copy

Our final roll was another one we changed up.  The SinCity roll ($15) had spicy tuna (subbed for sliced tuna), creme cheese, avocado and salmon inside and was topped with yellowfin, masago and black tobiko.  They had eel sauce and spicy mayo drizzled on top. Also a very delicious roll.

All and all, I’d say our service was fantastic! The ambiance outside is very lovely and the food was prepared quickly and deliciously.  I’d return for sure! But only when the rolls are half price.  To me, their selections aren’t all that fantastic for $15/roll.



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