Surf Rider Grill

Day 4: Virginia Beach

Hard to believe I’ve been posting long enough to have 100 posts under my belt but I HAVE! I’ve had some great experiences with some amazing people and am so glad to have friends so tolerant that I can feel free to take pictures while we eat.  So, to each and every one of you…THANK YOU!

So, it’s the night before my last night here in Virginia Beach and I’m exhausted.  I ran 6 miles this morning and spent the whole day implementing physical restraints which typically wouldn’t be too much for me, but it seems as though the Lyme Disease is winning.  May be I’m just homesick but it’s hard for me to imagine I’d be this rundown from just that.  But I forced myself out into the world and visited another restaurant that some locals recommended, the Surf Rider Grill.

Overall:  3.75 out of 5

Food/Beverage: 3.5  out of 5

Ambiance:  4 out of 5

Value:  3.5 out of 5

Service:  4 out of 5

This one was more difficult to judge.  I wasn’t in a good mood going into the experience, but was very hungry.  The hostess was very nice, sat me quickly and let me know that with the pending storm, I was welcome to sit under the awning at any time if I got nervous.  photo 1

Confident the weather would hold, I sat at a table right by the water and ordered the Dark and Stormy which consisted of dark rums and ginger beer with a lime.  At $5.75, I think it was a good deal, and it tasted very good too.

photo 2 copy

One appetizer on the menu stood out to me, the tuna bites ($8.99).  You can order them grilled or cajun spiced.  I asked the waitress’s opinion to which she responded “they’re good” with little enthusiasm.  I ordered them anyway, and they were…good.  The fish was pretty fresh, there were a few rough spots, and the spice was nice.  Ranch dip on the side seemed a little bit odd, but it went well.

photo 3


The soft shell crab was on special, and you could order it with one or two crabs.  Considering I had the tuna bites, I went with one.  It was served with two hushpuppies, which were well seasoned with onion and fried very well and your choice of two sides.  This was one of those places where they have about 10 sides, none of which sound that interesting.  I ordered the baked potato and the salad.  Neither were good.  The potato was way undercooked.  The crab, on the other hand was great!  The actual breading was a bit heavy, but didn’t over shine the delicate taste of the crab.  It was sweet, well cooked and needed no condiment.

The desserts on the menu sounded boring, so I skipped it all together.  For the view, I’m glad I went.  The service was fine but nothing to write home about.  If you are in the area, and looking for a low key place to get some tasty food that may be just a tad overpriced, give it a shot!


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