Saigon Grill and Bar

There’s a new kid in Glenwood South and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Saigon Grill and Bar is a new authentic Vietnamese restaurant, owned by the same guy that brought us Sushi O right up the street.  I’ve had the pleasure of dining there twice and can’t seem to get enough.  Many other restaurants have come and gone and left an empty spot in our neighborhood.  I really hope that Saigon is here to stay.  As someone that suffers from gluten sensitivity, I was thrilled to hear that they can make almost anything (aside from the Pho and the items with pork) gluten free.  The fish sauce is made in house, so even that is safe.  Here are some of the highlights of my amazing dinner.

The summer roles are stuffed with pork, shrimp, mint, cucumber, basil, vermicelli noodles wrapped in rice paper and served with peanut sauce (not safe for gluten free folks).  If you are gluten free, like me, they will make it without the pork and serve it with fish sauce.  The pop of the rice paper was just absolutely perfect and the basil brought so much flavor to the dish.

Number 57 on the menu is an extremely flavorful Bun Bo Xao, vermicelli with lemongrass beef.  The fish sauce really brings the flavors of the dish together.  And the beef is cooked perfectly, so tender and well seasoned.

My dinner companion ordered the Com Ca Ri Ga, a spicy chicken curry with potatoes, carrots and steamed rice.  I tasted a little piece of the chicken and thought it was delicious as well.  It had a great level of spice and the chicken was so juicy.

I was happy to hear that Wednesday nights are half price wine by the bottles. The wine list is just big enough to include something for everyone.  Other daily specials include $3 draft beers on Tuesday and Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays they have special martinis for $5, and $3 mimosas on Sundays.

I’m so pleased with everything about Saigon.  The service was spectacular! Both times I visited, I was given great recommendations, the food was brought out quickly and was made to my dietary specifications.  Please make a trip to Saigon Grill and Bar and try the food.


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