This past weekend, downtown Raleigh hosted SparkCon, an immersion into all things creative. There were vendors of clothing, jewelry, music, art, and my favorite…food…lining the streets of downtown.  Fayetteville street was transformed into an art gallery, lined with amazing chalk art and street performers.  It was outstanding!  I was only lucky enough to enjoy one day of this inspirational festival, and while that wasn’t quite enough time for me, I sure did get to see a lot!


photo 5   photo 4


I am completely useless with a paint brush, and even more so with chalk.  Don’t get me wrong, I can draw a MEAN flower, or stick figure, but to put out art with such amazing detail, that is something I couldn’t even dream of doing.

photo 3

The artists were able to fill their square with whatever image inspired them.  From goblins, to local hot spots, each one was completed with incredible talent.

photo 1

The detail on this face just blew me away!

photo 1 copy

Absolutely gorgeous! I love those eyes – amazing detail with the skyscrapers.

Along the sides of these streets, the vendors were lined up.  I purchased a shirt from Porch Fly, which seems to be my new favorite thing to do.  I am now the proud owner of three of their shirts – one of which donates proceeds to the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association.  Check them out! They use the softest cotton.  They seem to run a bit small, however.  I got mine in a small last time and it’s a little short.


After our shopping trip, we headed to the FOOD.  But on our way there, we were intercepted by two huge Rockem Sockem robots fighting it out.

photo 2 copy

That was pretty fun! After the fight, we began walking back towards Martin St. where the food trucks were, but again were stopped dead in our tracks at the sight of the air performers from CircusSpark.

photo 1 copy 2

The first air dancer was beautiful! She looked so graceful poised up on the long pieces of fabric.

photo 5 copy

The second dancer was a little girl, probably about 10 years old.  She had a thick mat under her (thankfully).

photo 3 copy

I was so impressed with how she dealt with the wind and how strong she was, to climb all the way up those fabric pieces.  Amazing!

photo 1 copy 3


The last dance we saw was done by two girls, probably somewhere between 7 and 10 years old.  They were so graceful and confident.

photo 5 copy 3

It was hard not to shout out “you’re too high!” as they climbed up that rope.  And to be so strong at such a young age…how amazing. There are more pictures in my gallery – please check them out if you have time.

photo 4 copy 4


After the dancers, we headed to Martin St. to check out the food trucks.  I had heard rumor that my favorite truck would be there, even though the SparkCon website didn’t mention them (fail).

photo 5 copy 4

And there they were!  The best dumplings I’ve had in my life.  Just love these girls.  Of course, much to my chagrin, they were out of the veggie dumplings so I said hello and encouraged my friends to give them a try.  They LOVED the pork and chive dumplings.

On the way out, we did check out the fire dancers.  It looked incredible, however it was hard to tell because I’m short and the other observers were not…so I couldn’t see.  I tried to take a few pictures but they didn’t come out.

What it boils down to, is that we are pretty lucky to live in Raleigh!  We really have some incredible street festivals.  Now I’m all pumped for the next food truck rodeo and my favorite festival…BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL!!!

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