Waterman’s Surfside Grille 

Day three: Virginia Beach

So, it’s day three here on the lovely shores of Virginia Beach and I have to say…I’m terribly home sick.  I miss the food I know I love, I miss my dog, my friends, my bed, and of course I miss cooking.  Looking forward to the end of this week and knowing I won’t be able to cook a meal until Saturday at the earliest makes my heart drop a little.  The other people in my training joked with me today that I could cook for all of them tomorrow to which I responded “Find me a kitchen and bring me some food.  You will not be sorry.”

Alas, bug bitten, brain-dead from another 9 hour day and heart-sick I headed to a restaurant that was recommended by a friend that moved to Raleigh from Va. Beach and was confirmed by a local in my group to be tasty.  They did not lie.

Overall:  4.5 out of 5

Food/Beverage: 4.5  out of 5

Ambiance:  4 out of 5

Value:  4.5 out of 5

Service:  5 out of 5

Yummy!  It was a bit of a drive to get there, and my GPS decided to flip out and take me somewhere else, but once I got there, the rest of the experience was a cinch. They offer free valet and, as I prepared to hand the valet my tip, he waved and walked by.  No tip expected?  Ok.  That’s kind of cool.  Considering parking everywhere else costs at least a few dollars, I was thrilled to not have to pay for mine.

The hostess greeted me quickly and offered me both indoor and outdoor seating.  The inside was nice, two floors, simple pretty decorations, large windows … not too much like the inside of a boat, but still kept with the beach theme.

photo 5

I decided to sit at the outside bar.  It was spacious, but the bar had that lip on the outside that I absolutely hate, because it’s too hard to scoot all the way up to the bar.  I end up dumping food on my shirt or lap or something.  Otherwise, they had great music, TVs on with no sound so I didn’t have to listen to the crazy sport ball game on at the time.  On top of that, the bartender was fantastic.  He was enthusiastic about the dishes on the  menu and happy to chat with me while I made my decision.

Drink:  Of course, I ordered an Orange Crush!

photo 1

This one was great.  Fresh squeezed orange juice, orange vodka and sprite.  Delicious.  You can get a skinny version as well but it’s more expensive.  At happy hour, this delicious treat is only $4.95.

photo 4

Being happy hour, they offered several great deals, including this amazing fish taco for $3. I’m not a huge fan of flounder, so I was hesitant but had to give it a try.  The fish was lightly breaded and flash fried, not greasy, just sweet enough to be delicious.  It was served with a Habanero cream sauce, cheese and cabbage.  The sauce was perfectly spiced and paired perfectly with the fish.  I LOVED this taco.

photo 2

Considering the bartender raved about it, I ordered the She Crab soup ($5.49 for a large cup).  It was sweet, creamy, spiced with nutmeg and had the perfect amount of sherry already in it!  Loved it.

photo 3


The final piece to my meal was the Spicy Thai Mussels.  They were very good.  Served with grilled flat bread, the perfect thickness to soak up that delicious sauce, and covered in the thai sauce, they were by far and away my favorite part of the meal.  The thai sauce was coconut milk, ginger, red curry and brown sugar.  I actually asked the bartender if he could bring me a vat to bathe in.  He agreed that was the only appropriate reaction to eating this dish.  So good.

I ordered the flourless chocolate tort to go, because I was full.  They make a few of the desserts in house, including this tort and the key lime pie.  By the time I got it home, the whipped cream had melted.  The size of the tort was impressively large, but sadly there was nothing other than tort.  It was creamy and rich, but without some other texture, it became redundant about half way through eating it.  I’d get it again, if I had someone to share it with.

What a great meal! I would certainly come back to Waterman’s if I were ever to visit again and I’d be proud to share this experience with each of my loved ones.

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